Asia Pacific Coatings Conference

The ‘Asia Pacific Coatings Conference – Striving for Sustainability’ will take place on day one of the show and will feature presentations focusing on different aspects of making paint manufacturing as environmentally friendly as possible.

Niko Safavi, CEO of Mowilex, a leading, 100% carbon neutral paint manufacturer from Indonesia, will open the conference with his keynote speech on ‘Environmental Responsibility as a Stakeholder and Shifting from Risk to Opportunity’. He will speak about the environment and the evolving dynamics of a management’s balancing act when addressing risks and forming successful strategies, as well as the transition from ‘sustainability’ to ‘environmental responsibility’ and how to harness environmental challenges as opportunities to thrive in the market.

Speakers also include Ramakrishnan Bharathan of leading coatings consultants Orr & Boss, who will deliver a global market report; and Dr Piyatida Pukclai of Knoell, a leading services provider for worldwide regulatory compliance, will speak about the current Chemical Regulations in Thailand and surrounding ASEAN countries. Other speakers include experts from Nouryon, Thailand’s JBP International Paint and BASF, who will discuss varying topics centring around the most environmentally-friendly way of doing business and achieving sustainability goals. The conference will be free to attend but delegates will have to pre-register for the event.